Our People

* Here are some of the schools which our team come from.

Get to know us by learning about the people who shape CANA. Reading their comments will give you insights into why they chose CANA.

Economic teacher at CANA 

At Cana we understand that everyone has different talents, goals and personal needs. Anything is possible here!  We have the option of flexible working hours which take into account our part-time study commitments and individual needs.  We also have a voice at Cana. Our ideas are listened to and we are given the freedom and the tools to put them into action.  

Education has been defined as "the wise, hopeful and respectful cultivation of learning undertaken in the belief that all should have the chance to share in life."  At Cana we pride ourselves on the education we provide

Chemistry teacher at CANA 

CANA is definitely a place that treasures work life balance and provides lots of opportunities for personal growth and career development. I truly believe that here I can develop my skills, profession and future. 

Biology teacher at CANA

CANA has shown me the importance of learning, no matter what stage you are in life.  The heart of CANA has motivated me to serve unconditionally and pass on my wisdom to the new generation of leaders.

Chemistry teacher at CANA

One enjoyable thing in this company is having the freedom to design your own teaching plan. Apart from teaching, there are many other roles that you can take, and this gives you skills and experience which are going to be useful for life.

Biology teacher at CANA

CANA provides a non-hierarchical and harmonious working environment with many learning opportunities and ownership of your own work.

Chinese teacher at CANA


English teacher at CANA

Nothing impresses me more than Cana's core values. This is a place that does not focus solely on academic achievement, but truly cares about the students' personal growth and development.

Marketing Officer at CANA

Working at CANA is enjoyable! Everyone here is extremely nice and helpful. The people I work with at CANA are not only good colleagues but also true friends!

Administration Officer at CANA

To me, CANA is one big family. I enjoy working here with my lovely & friendly colleagues. 

Administration Officer at CANA

Being promoted from a team member to the leader of the CS & Admin team, I truly believe CANA is a great place for personal growth & development.