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Maximize your admission chance to the dream school! 90% of our students are admitted to their 1st or 2nd choice.

Our students are admitted to: Stanford University, Yale University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Barnard College, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory College, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, San Diego, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Tufts University

Our US university application services include:

CV Compilation and Boosting

With parents present, we conduct a series of in-depth interviews with the student to explore and identify his/her strength, interests, areas of competency, aspiration, passion, and talents, aiming to delineate possible major(s) of study and prospective career choices.  An integral part of the process includes perusing the entirety of the student’s accomplishments, beginning with Year 10 (Grade 9 or Form 3), including awards, commendations, citations, acknowledgements, certifications, and prizes.

Universities / Liberal Arts Colleges and Major(s) Selection

Our forte: matching the student’s strength, talents and aspiration with not only the best known programs of the universities/colleges, but also admission chances relative to the specifics of student profile.  As such, we have an excellent track record in getting students accepted by top universities/colleges that match their academic and career aspirations. Other factors that are taken into consideration for university/college selection include: specialty and integrated programs, internship programs in partnership with companies and organizations, on-campus research opportunities, career opportunities, advancement degrees, faculty-student ratio, setting (urban or suburban), geographic location, weather, and extracurricular activities.      

We maintain the lowest student to consultant ratio in the market, ensuring that our experienced and caring consultants have ample time for due diligence as well as attending to the particular needs of individual student and family. Our core value: personal attention, conscientious work ethic, thorough and meticulous effort, commitment to education excellence.

Career Exploration and Prospect

University education is a journey of equipping and preparing the student to land on the career of choice; the former is a plank while the latter the platform.  Hence we commit due diligence to exploring potential careers, with the student and family, in various business and industry sectors.  The nature, contents, demands, and prospect of possible career choices are presented and explained.  Having had substantial work experiences in the U.S., our consultants are uniquely qualified to provide such service.

Personal statement guidance

Personal statements portray a word-picture of the backdrop and experiences which shaped the student’s motivation and aspiration.  These essays are important to the extent that they provide a context to showcase the student’s passion, and present the rationale for applying to the interested major and university.  Well written personal statements can play a “make or break” role in admission chances, as they illustrate the student’s individuality, forte, and passion --- qualities that report cards and test scores do not adequately reflect.

At CANA, our expert consultants and experienced editors guide the student throughout the entire writing process --- from theme identification and story lining brainstorming to essay structuring and organization, skillfully formulating a case for admission to the target universities/colleges.

Academic Planning and Grade Boosting

In view of the student’s intended major and university/college of choice, we formulate a strategic academic plan that best positions the student to reach his/her education and career goals.  The plan may include: subjects of focus, progression of subject courses, standardized test subjects and dates, “bonus” academic credentials, and possibly syllabus selection. 

Additionally we provide mentoring in terms of motivation, desire for learning, good study habits, concentration, determination, and work ethic.  Mediocrity or distinction…?  These characteristics invariably make the difference in the student’s academic performance, propelling them to excel and achieve.

Extracurricular activities guidance

Participation in extracurricular activities is an essential indicator of the student’s passion, talent, and areas of interest.  Students who join our program early in the secondary school education has the added advantage of participating in a series of focused and substantive activities that demonstrate leadership, commitment, dedication, innovation, passion, and skill set proficiency.

Milestones and timeline setup and monitoring

We work with the student and family to set timeline and milestones for the entire application process, including dates of standardized tests, major and university selections, extracurricular activity scheduling, form filling, personal statement due dates, and interview coaching.  Factors such as test taking preparedness, time and effort allocation, and well-paced progress are taken into account in the formulation of the “optimal” application timeline.  The entire process is monitored in terms of punctuality, completeness and thoroughness.

Interview coaching

Students who apply for top universities are likely to be invited for interviews.  They are generally casual conversations where student’s demeanor, sincerity, heart, attitude, authenticity are noted.  Bits of technical questions may be discussed occasionally.  The student’s knowledge of the subject matter is weighted equally as the ability to analyze, synthesize, reason, and solve problems.

Knowing what admission officers are looking for in an applicant, our coaches prepare the student in areas of contents, communication skills, and social graces.

Letters of recommendation

Many letters of recommendation are written with trite phrases, hence banal and ineffective.  We coach the student to approach teachers with appropriate inputs that would be useful in the crafting of an impactful letter.

CANA also provides tutoring for SAT and ACT preparation.  Please inquire at 2302 6500 for details.