UK University Talks


The CANA Elite University Talks series consists of sample lectures, workshops and admission seminars delivered by academics and admission officers from top UK universities. We bring the genuine UK university education experience to Hong Kong, allowing more students to understand what to expect and what is expected from them in university education.

Each event will be held individually by one speaker from one university. Mixer follows after each event, allowing you time to talk to speakers on a more personal level in a casual and vibrant setting. 







(2-4pm 16th July 2017)

Ms Keepin
International Officer
Cardiff University

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(12th Aug 2017)

Prof Wu
Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics and Head of Theory
Mullard Space Science Laboratory

University College of London (UCL)

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(7:30 - 9:30pm 28th Aug 2017)

Dr Alex Williams,
Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Admissions Director
Durham Law School, Durham University

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(3-5pm 2nd Sept 2017)

Dr Crowder
Director of Liberal Arts
Deputy Head of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Durham University

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A registration fee of $120 per person.

A registration link will be released in this section, together with the details of each event closer to the event date. 




Business Sample Lecture and Admission Seminar with Durham University

In August 2015, we held a sample lecture at the British Council with Dr Whitfield and Dr Crowder from Durham University. Dr Whitfield gave a sample lecture on Quantitative Easing and Dr Crowder, as an admission selector, talked about building a strong personal statement. 


Law Sample Lecture and Admission Seminar with Durham University

On 21st Jan 2016, Dr Greene from Durham University gave us a sample lecture on Law and had open discussion with students on several cases. The students received tips for admission requirement for Durham Law!


Medicine Admission Seminar with Cardiff University

On 24th Jan 2016, Ms Jones was the speaker for the Cardiff Medicine Seminar. We all learnt about the types of students Cardiff is looking for and what the right attitude towards the study for Medicine is. Brilliant insight of summary of the 5 years Medicine degree was gained as well as how the lectures work, including a simulation lesson to boost up students’ confidence when dealing with patients.


Psychology Sample Lecture and Admission Seminar with University of Bath

On 5th March, Dr. Joiner from Bath gave us a funny and knowledgeable talk on psychological concepts and visual llusions, where the little experiments helped all of us to understand how our brains work in a simple and clear way! Good responses were received and the atmosphere was great too.
At the academic seminar, Ms Irwin also introduced us the beauty of Bath University. She shared the enjoyable life of studying in Bath as well as the UCAS requirements and admission tips. Students and parents gained a better understanding for the school’s culture and academic background.


Physics Forum on Gravitational Waves with UCL

On 2nd April, Prof Wu from UCL gave us a knowledgeable sample lecture about the gravitational waves and Black Hole merging. Students who attended had a better understanding for how a lecture looks like in the university as well as the university teaching style. Prof Wu also prepared us some little homework to do after the talk in order to deepen the concepts we had just learnt in the lecture. A lot of students are interested in the topic and were eager to have a small discussion with Prof Wu after the talk! Then, he shared with us the diversified career paths of studying Physics, including academic, business and even the government sector. We all gained not only Physics concepts and knowledge but also how interesting a lecture can be in the university!


Medicine Admission Seminar with Cardiff University

On 17th July 2016, we had the pleasure of hosting a second Medicine Admission Seminar with Ms Jones from Cardiff University. She has given helpful insights on the different medicine courses in the UK, together with a clear walkthrough of the admission process, including the academic requirements, personal statements, traditional and MMI interviews, as well as job shadowing experience. She also shared how Cardiff University revamped their medicine curriculum to create a theory-practice integrated syllabus to equip students to be future doctors. This also helps the university to become one of the top three medicine schools in the UK in recent years. 


Personal Statement Workshop with Durham University

On 3rd Sept 2016, we hosted a Personal Statement Workshop with Dr Crowder from Durham University. As an admission selector, Dr Crowder gave helpful and insightful sharing on how students can write a compelling UCAS personal statement. He also compared the different styles of essays applying to US universities and UK universities.  

^ These partner universities are in informal collaborations with CANA Academy Limited only to deliver talks and workshops in the University Talks series.