University Application Services (US & UK)

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Why CANA UniApp

  • We have a distinguished team of expert consultants, editors and staff
  • Excellence, integrity, service, value are our cornerstone
  • Over 90% of our students have been accepted by their respective first choice universities
  • Complimentary 45-min consultation with program director --- no fee, no obligations
  • Best of both worlds: university application + exam tutoring
  • We care


Our Team

Uniquely qualified to deliver the best service for our clients, CANA Elite’s advisors, consultants & editors are…

  • graduates of Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Cornell
  • experienced and effective: 1st choice university admission rate of over 90%
  • dedicated, caring, dependable


Benefits to YOU

You will enjoy peace of mind, knowing…

  • the best possible universities have been considered and prescreened
  • a well thought game plan is in progress
  • students’ credentials have been leveraged, and admission chances optimized
  • you are supported by a team of caring and committed specialists


What We Do

  • Set timeline

WE set timeline and milestones for the entire application process.

  • Recommend standardized tests

WE recommend standardized tests that maximize students’ abilities and aptitude.

  • Prescreen well-matched universities

WE prescreen well-matched universities based on students’ interest, major of study and potential career arena.

  • Recommend top-rated universities

WE recommend top-rated universities that best leverage students’ credentials and talents.

  • Identify students’ uniqueness

WE identify and showcase students’ uniqueness, passion, leadership, competence.

  • Edit personal statements

WE edit personal statements on theme, cohesiveness, grammar, and tone, portraying students’ individuality while highlighting their university compatibility.

  • Monitor the application process

WE monitor the application process against milestones and timeline to ensure timely filing of forms and supporting documents.

  • Provide interview coaching

WE provide interview coaching.


Choose The Service That Suits Your Needs

  • All inclusive package
  • Pre-application Strategic Planning
  • Interview skills training
  • Essay development and editing
  • Hourly consultation