CANA's SSAT Program

At CANA, you will receive SSAT preparation that is tailor made. Each program is designed according to the strength and weakness of each student. Our courses and lessons fit every student's goal and schedule, and are taught by our in-house SSAT specialists who are experienced, dedicated, and caring.

The CANA Score Booster Scheme lays out strategies that are proven successful, for point improvement and a timeline for cluster-point increments. Mock tests are regularly conducted during scheduled checkpoints to assess and optimize learning progress.

All our students have become proficient in syllabus contents and test taking techniques. Remarkable improvement in test performance is a norm, rather than an exception, for each and every student who has participated in our program.

Please contact us to schedule a free SSAT diagnostic test and a complimentary follow-up consultation meeting.

What is the SSAT?

For more than 50 years, the SSAT has been the standard in admission testing for the world's best independent schools. However, the degree of emphasis placed on scores depends on the school and other information, such as transcripts and teacher recommendations.

Here are a few questions that admission officers contemplate when reviewing an applicant's scores:

  • Are the scores consistent with the student's academic record?
  • Do the scores highlight areas of academic strength or weakness?
  • How do these scores compare with those of other students in the applicant pool?
  • How do these scores compare with students who have enrolled over the last few years?

There are 3 versions of this test that all measure a student's verbal, quantitative, and reading skills:

  • Elementary Level for students currently in grades 3 and 4
  • Middle Level for students currently in grades 5-7
  • Upper Level for students currently in grades 8-11

Format of the SSAT Elementary Level:

Quantitive (Math) 30 MC Questions (30 minutes)
Verbal 30 MC Questions (20 minutes)
Break 15 minutes
Reading 28 MC Questions (30 minutes) 
Writing Sample 1 picture prompt (15 minutes)
Experimental 15-17 MC Questions (15 minutes)
Total 104-106 Questions (2 hours 5 minutes) 

Format of the SSAT Elementary Level:

Score  Focus Range
Writing Sample 1 prompt (25 minutes)
  • Creative/ Persuasive prompt 
    Not scored but forwarded to schools you have selected 

Break 5 minutes
Quantitive (Math) 25 MC Questions (30 minutes)  500-800 (Upper Level) 
440-710 (Middle Level)
  • Number concepts
  • Operations
  • Alegra
  • Geometry / Measurement
  • Data and analysis / Probability
Reading  40 MC Questions (40 minutes)  500-800 (Upper Level) 
440-710 (Middle Level)
  • Main idea
  • Details
  • Inference
  • Vocab
  • Purpose
  • Tone
Break 10 minutes
Verbal  60 MC Questions (30 minutes)  500-800 (Upper Level) 
440-710 (Middle Level)
  • Synonyms
  • Analogies
Quantitive (Math) 25 MC Questions (30 minutes) 
Experimental* 16 MC Questions (15 minutes) 
Total 167 MC Questions (3 hours and 5 minutes) 

Of the 167 items including the writing sample, only 150 questions are scored.

A student's score is compared only to other test takers in the same grade and/or gender.

The SSAT reports percentile ranks. If, for example, you are a boy in the 8th grade and your percentile score is 90%, it means that 90% of all the other 8th grade boys' scores fall below your scaled score.

Since the SSAT is only given a few times a year, it's important to know the upcoming test dates so you can register early to ensure you get a spot. The SSAT is administered 8 times during the school year. Middle and Upper versions are given on every test date, but the Elementary Level is not administered on October, November, or June dates. Note that while the 2020-2021 test dates have been officially released, the registration deadlines are yet to be confirmed and only approximates are provided.

CANA's Track Record

Our test prep track record is stellar. An example of an 8th grader's achievement from the past year:

  1. 29% increase in Verbal score: 789 (the median score for 8th graders is 662)

  2. 24% increase in Reading scaled score: 681 (the median score for 8th graders is 629)

Over the course of SSAT preparation with us, students complete on average 5-8 practice tests given as class or homework. We take the time to find out how well students do on each type of reading question and evaluate their uptake of vocabulary over 8-15 weeks. We also provide expert tuition on Writing if requested by students who want to make a strong impression on school admission officials.

CANA's Winning Strategies

  1. Enhance students' sense of word relationships with a tool box for logical analysis.
  2. Grow students' vocabulary bank using our customized word memorization system.
  3. Coach students to master the Reading section with efficient reading skills for all genres, and identifying question clues.
  4. Build proficiency in Math essentials through drills and exercises. Master skills for solving word problems with word-symbol translation. Word problem-solving skills lessons are structured around interactive problem solving: The teacher and students work on problems as a team-at times in reverse role play. We provide an abundance of practice materials for all topics drawn from multiple sources to ensure a balanced approach.

Improve Your SSAT Result at CANA

Our SSAT instructors are graduates of top elite US universities who have attained top scores in standardized tests. They have all been carefully selected by virtue of their communication skills, coaching ability, and passion for international education.


Here at CANA Elite, we truly believe that every student is unique and has the potential to reach their goals with the right guidance. Academic excellence is derived from both passionate teachers and eager students. That is why we provide a unique learning experience tailored to each individual student. Named after the location of the first miracle in the Bible, we hope CANA elite can be the place of miracles for all our students, allowing them to achieve their dreams.