HK University Interview Coaching

HK University Interview Coaching

Not all university courses require interviews, traditionally Medicine, Dentistry, Law, and competitive Business programmes will invite their candidates for interviews to assess their suitability for a course. Your interview performance will directly impact your chance of securing an offer.

Law / Business programmes

The majority of Law programmes in HK, including double degrees such as the BBA(Law) at HKU, include interviews as part of their admissions process. Meanwhile, competitive Business programmes, such as the BBA (IBGM) programme at HKU and the Global Business (GBUS) programme at UST, also invite students to interviews.

While each programme’s interview format is different, it usually comes down to either a group interview or an individual panel interview. In most group interviews, your group will be given a topic to discuss and to come up with a proposal or conclusion. Individual panel interviews usually center on your personal statement, past experiences, as well as recent news or popular topics in the field you are applying for.

At CANA, our consultants conduct mock interviews and topic-focused discussions with students, aiming to build up their analytical skills, subject knowledge, as well as ability to communicate effectively.

Medicine/ Dentistry / Other Healthcare related courses

HKU Medicine uses both individual and group interview formatsthe MMI format, while CUHK Medicine uses traditional individual panel interviews. Regardless of the format, the interviews are designed to explore the student’s personal qualities and attributes which are vital to becoming a good doctor in the future.

You can expect to be asked about your interest in Medicine (or your chosen field), your knowledge of healthcare as well as questions on Ethics, Current issues, Teamwork and Communication.

Medicine Interview Workshop

Most students may find the idea of an interview daunting. If you are nervous, interview coaching and mock interviews go a long way to prepare you for the type of questions you will be asked; and ultimately increase your chance of securing an offer.

Each mock session will last 45minutes to 1 hour which include feedback. At the end of the mock interview, the interviewer will discuss the student’s performance, highlighting areas for improvement.


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