School Collaboration

School Collaboration

School Collaborations Services and Case Studies

Over the past few years, Cana has collaborated with schools in both Hong Kong and abroad on areas such as:

  1. Curricula teaching: IGCSE top up programs
  2. University admissions consultation / Career development advice
  3. Teaching materials supply: Canalopy IB materials provision.

We take pride in having an experienced bilingual team. Our services can be conducted in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Below are 5 case studies of our collaboration with various schools.

Case study 1: Collaboration with School A on the IGCSE Top Up Program

  • Program duration: 2 months,
  • Number of students: 40

School A administers the IGCSE program. Since they have a tight teaching schedule, they reached out to Cana to provide teaching support over 2 months during the summer. Cana delivered teaching support for seven IGCSE subjects, ranging from heavily subscribed courses like physics, chemistry, biology, and economics, to more esoteric subjects such as accounting, business, and geography. All teaching was provided at School A, on site. We have been providing support for the IGCSE program at School A since 2016.

Case study 2: Collaboration with School B on University Admissions Consultation

  • Program duration: 4 months,
  • Number of students: 30

Cana worked with a DSS school (School B) to provide university admissions coaching service to their graduating cohort. Students applying to UK universities and HK universities via the non-Jupas stream would need support in writing their personal statement, preparing for their admission tests and aid with Oxbridge or medicine school interviews. Our team of coaches in the disciplines of law, medicine, economics, mathematics, and the sciences, worked together with the students closely for a 4-month period for two consecutive years.

Case study 3: Collaboration with School C on University Admissions Workshop

  • Program duration: 2 hours,
  • Number of students: 50

A local Hong Kong high school (School C) wanted to prepare their graduating cohort for university interviews. They reached out to Cana to seek our expertise in providing a university admissions workshop. We started the workshop with a group presentation, sharing tips on university interviews. The group presentation was followed by one-to-one interview preparation. Five of Cana’s coaches, from various disciplines, helped to conduct mock interviews with each student and provide immediate, individual feedback.

Case study 4: Collaboration with School D on University Admissions Workshop

  • Program duration: 2 hours
  • Number of students: 60

An IB school engaged Cana to share our experiences on university admissions. Three Cana coaches specialised in UK, US and Canada admissions provided admissions tips, as well as some personal experiences in the application process during the workshop. We also held a question and answer section with students.

Case study 5: Provision of Canalopy IB Learning Materials for Over 100+ IB Schools

Cana has developed a proprietary IB learning platform Canalopy for 9 IB subjects - Chinese A and B, English A and B, Mathematics AA and AI, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Psychology and History. Most of the materials include the study guide, practice questions, learning videos as well as the sample essays. Canalopy has been well received in the IB community. We provide both the B2C and B2B subscription options. Since 2020, over 100 IB schools have subscribed to one or more of Canalopy’s IB resources.

Case study 6: Collaboration with School E on the IGCSE Program

  • Program duration: Whole year
  • Number of students: 30-40

School E, a DSS school, has introduced the IGCSE program for its students. They have requested the assistance of our teacher to help cover parts of the IGCSE syllabus. This support aims to bridge the gap between the demands of the IGCSE curriculum and the school's traditional teaching methods. In the first year of our collaboration, we provided support specifically for IGCSE English. In the upcoming second year, we plan to expand our support to include additional subjects. All teaching sessions were conducted on-site at School E. This year marks our second year of supporting their IGCSE program since its inception.



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