• CANA's consultant team consists of graduates and students from Oxbridge, I think that the team is very reliable, trustworthy and supportive. The consultants organised the tutorial timetable nicely, helping me to avoid procrastination and make me feel well prepared before the interview. Apart from technical support, CANA consultants also gave me invaluable encouragement during the application process.

    Mingyu Liu

    Successful applicant to Oxford, 44/45 in IBDP

  • Cana provides valuable advice on college selection which helps my daughter to develop an appropriate college list and find a best fit college. We have a better understanding of the U.S. college admission processes. Cana also provides good guidance in selecting essay topics and approaches which allow Esther to articulate who she is and what matters to her in a genuine and impressive way.

    Mrs. Ng

    Parent of E. Ng from South Island School

  • The tutor, being a graduate of Law from Cambridge, is very familiar with both legal concepts and the Oxbridge interview style. He is also one of the most articulate, critical and intelligent people I have ever met. During the sessions, he pushed and challenged me with the toughest and most difficult interview scenarios and questions. In many cases, I didn't know how to answer them, but he taught me that the most important focus was the reasoning process, not the answer itself. The training proved to be extremely applicable during my real interview.


    Successful applicant to Law at Oxford

  • I knew I was in safe hands after my very first lesson with my consultant. The reading material provided much inspiration for my personal statement, and I was also pushed to navigate through difficult legal scenarios. Never did I imagine that I could feel so passionately about a subject, and would therefore like to thank “Cana” very, very much.


    Successful applicant to Law at Cambridge

  • Cana’s services have helped me realize my dream of getting into medical school. The tutors have given me confidence and courage to fulfill my own potential in a time of uncertainty and nervousness. They have given me knowledge that extends beyond my academic career, I have also gained friendships through Cana’s overwhelming hospitality.


    Yew Chung International School, HKU Medicine

  • CANA gave me direction in my application process. They provided many resources that helped me understand the complex US admissions process and gave me insight into how university admissions officers would see my application.


    Successful applicant to Yale

  • I think CANA’s teachers are generous, because they helped me to get into my favourite school, especially when the interview was in just four days. I think proper English speaking and how to be confident in an interview are the best things I have learnt at CANA. I remember most about the “talking out loud” lessons with Mr Joe. I also like the reading comprehension with Ms Kayla. Their lessons are fun and helped me to improve.


    Successful applicant to Kennedy School

  • I think CANA’s teachers are nice and funny. CANA has helped me to prepare for the international school interview. The best thing I have learnt is how to answer questions during interviews. The most unforgettable thing from CANA are the fables with Ms Phoebe and Mr Adam.


    Successful applicant to Kennedy School

  • Cana’s university application service was highly useful in helping me prepare for my HSPS interview. Through coaching by a Cambridge graduate, I gained relevant and insightful information on the application process, as well as on the relatively new tripos itself. The mock interviews that were conducted shared the same depth and complexity as the one I had with the university professors, hence helping me warm to the otherwise foreign style of the interactive Oxbridge interview. The Cana staff are truly professional and committed to helping their clients succeed, and I am very grateful for their patience and kindness throughout this experience.


    Successful applicant to Cambridge University, HSPS

  • I've just received an offer for Cambridge and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both for all the help and time you have given me throughout the application process. I never could've done it without you. Thank you :)


    Successful applicant to Cambridge University, Economics

  • Although I am still improving my writing skills in English, looking back from where I started, I definitely improved a lot in the use of language and organisation of essays. When I am struggling and worried because of the poor performance in tests or school works, my English teacher will revisit the task with me, tell me the problems, what and how I can improve. Hence, I can learn from my mistakes and understand my weaknesses better in order to do better the next time. Overall, taking tuition at Cana has been very helpful for my study and preparation for IB.


    Student of Discovery College, HK

  • After taking Chinese lessons at Cana, I have access to a lot of materials which I can use to practice for exams. Also, when I have questions, My Chinese teacher replies my emails quickly. This has relieved a lot of stress from me and I feel more prepared and confident when doing exams as I always have someone to reach out when I am struggling with things. One of my biggest improvements after receiving help from my Chinese teacher is my writing skills for Paper 1 and 2. I learnt the different ways I can approach the text and also how I should organize my essays. I also learnt a lot of important and useful dictions to prevent repeating myself.


    Student of Discovery College, HK

  • Since I've been taking tuition at CANA, my results have improved significantly. The teacher's teaching style is more aimed to teaching exam techniques and requires high level of focus. The teacher has also helped me with my internal assessments (IA), and she has helped me understand the mark-scheme and taught me what are necessary and what aren't, ultimately improving my IAs. I'm very pleased and would highly recommend to people who are trying to improve their exam results.


    Student of Wellington College, Shanghai

  • My experience with the consultants from Cana was great. I have contacted them in order to have some help to write my personal statement and I would not have been able to do such a good job without them.

    The particularity of the consultants’ coaching at Cana is that they are asking you particular questions which brings out the relevant elements connected with you course subject so that your PS is very accurate but also « personal », since the information is extracted from you.

    Furthermore, they have an incredible sense of phrasing, and they will always suggest the words which would fit perfectly into your letter.

    I would definitely recommend Cana Elite to anyone who needs help for this task!


    Successful applicant to Warwick's MORSE and King’s Mathematics, M

  • The personal statement determines the first impression of the professors on you, and a strong personal statement puts you in a favorable position. Cana tutors have helped me to construct a clear structure of my PS, explored the ideas with me in each of the body paragraphs and in the end, the tutors helped me to polish my language. The tutors also pushed me forward, to make sure that I didn’t procrastinate to the last minutes.

    The package also includes interview tutoring by Oxbridge students. They prepared me well with all types of interview questions, and put me in a real atmosphere of the interview, so that I felt less nervous in the real interview.

    M. L.

    Successful applicant to University of Oxford, Physics

  • Speaking honestly, I knew I was in safe hands after my very first lesson with my tutor, whose brain must be the size of the universe judging by how perceptive and intelligent he is! The reading material I was given before every lesson provided much inspiration for my personal statement. I was also pushed to navigate through difficult legal scenarios, which made the actual interview seem easy in comparison. Never did I imagine that I could feel so passionately about a subject, and would therefore like to thank CANA very, very much.


    Successful applicant to Cambridge University, Law

  • Working with Cana’s consultants has been a challenging but very rewarding experience. Cana’s consultants have allowed me to recognise my potential and ability as an English student, and broadened my literary interest to a wider range of texts from different periods and genres. The most memorable experience during consultation would be a Skype lesson in preparation for the standardised test required for my application, in which my interpretation on an unseen text was continually challenged by Cana’s consultant. At first the sense of defeat overwhelmed me, but as I was pushed to look closer into the nuances in the text, I came up with a more convincing interpretation. I was glad that my initial view was rejected, so that I could challenge myself and improve. If I were to humbly give a piece of advice to students applying for UK universities, it would be to repeatedly reflect your journey of engaging with your chosen subject, including the obstacles faced and the moments of inspiration. From this process you would be able to think of unique and original ways to present yourself and the reasons for choosing your subject in your personal statement or interviews, allowing the selectors to better understand your suitability to study the subject at degree level.


    Successful applicant to UCL, English

  • Pairing me up with a consultant who really knew the medical application system and had experience working in the NHS was beneficial in understanding the nuances of the application process. They helped me to portray myself in the best possible way, picking and choosing the vital points of my resume to demonstrate in my personal statement. One of the most important things to me about CANA’s Uniapp program was the versatility of it. Whatever session you arrange with the consultant is up to you: some personal statement checking, interview preparation... Each hour was not set into stone. My strongest piece of advice is to be yourself through the application process as that is the easiest way to get through it. CANA will help you define yourself to the admission departments, because at the end of the day, they don’t wish to see pretty words on a sheet of paper, they wish to see the individuality in the applicant behind them.


    Successful applicant to Cambridge University, Medicine

  • Working with Cana's consultants has been incredibly insightful and informative. I was given the opportunity to speak to current students studying the subject I wanted to apply for at my first choice university, thus enabling me to gain a better understanding of the course and what it will be like if I would do the same degree. The consultants have also been very supportive and helpful, providing different approaches when facing difficulties and also logging my performance in entry tests so that I may improve as soon as possible. My consultants have made me understand myself better, not only have they identified my strengths but also pointed out my weaknesses so that I could improve as a person. For example, one of my consultants has noticed a trend in the mistakes I made when preparing for the TSA admissions test, thus making me focus on certain types of problems and doing extra practices for that specific type of questions.


    Successful applicant to UCL, Arts and Sciences / Philosophy

  • Often times, applying to university can be a tough and stressful time, as many secondary students step into another chapter in their lives. CANA’s consultants have greatly helped me throughout this process, from guiding me in perfecting my personal statement to meticulously practising my interview skills. As well as this, CANA’s vast network of tutors are extremely experienced, providing the utmost support and dedication to their students, ensuring that they gain a spot at the university of their choice. My experiences at CANA has enabled me to build up my confidence, and strengthen my passion regarding the field of veterinary medicine. A very big thank you to the staff at CANA, as they truly helped me to achieve my dreams.


    Successful applicant to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham's Veterina

  • " I was assigned two tutors who are from UK medical schools. They are both great, responsive, helpful and encouraging. I particularly found the interview prep sessions most insightful. Their contributions have been invaluable. Many thanks for all the support from Cana.”


    Successful applicant to UCL, Medicine

  • CANA has been absolutely brilliant with helping me navigate through my university application journey. I started with a myriad of subject options, which I was able to narrow down with the help of the expert tutors. The seemingly overwhelming application process turned out to be an invaluable experience thanks to CANA’s immense support, and its guidance proved to be very effective with the final outcome.


    Successful applicant to UCL, Linguistics

  • Cana’s services have helped me realize my dream of getting into medical school. The tutors have given me confidence and courage to fulfill my own potential in a time of uncertainty and nervousness. They have given me knowledge that extends beyond my academic career, I have also gained friendships through Cana’s overwhelming hospitality.


    Successful applicant to HKU, Medicine

  • Cana's team was extremely helpful throughout the application process. In two months, they went through my many personal statement drafts, marked my LNAT practice essays and prepared me well for my interviews. My tutors, graduates from Cambridge, guided me to explore different areas of law in Skype sessions. They explained fundamental legal concepts to me and provided material for further reading. They also kept challenging my answers to push me to my limits. My actual interviews were conducted in a similar academic style, and I could apply the skills I previously honed. Thank you very much, Cana!


    Successful applicant to University of Oxford, Law

  • Cana has provided me with all the guidance and advice I could ever have needed to get into medical school. My Cana consultant, who is intelligent and inspiring, has given me meticulous details and information on the application process and advice on how to write my personal statement and prepare for interviews. Without the help of Cana’s team, I would not have gotten through this tough and competitive process that has led me to reaching my dream of studying medicine.


    Successful applicant to UCL, Medicine

  • CANA directed me in a profound way. As a student in the UK, I was used to writing personal statements and academic essays, whereas the US application essays require authenticity and intellectual quirkiness. I struggled at the start. CANA provides excellent advice along with rigorous planning which helped me grasp the message of the essays as well as who I truly am. Thank you for pushing me when I had no motivation to push myself. It is this growth under the guidance of CANA which helped me get into my dream school.


    Successful applicant to the University of Chicago

  • CANA provides a multitude of impressively strong services in university consultation, also in all the intricate details leading up to the final stage. Without CANA, I wouldn't have been able to attain such high ACT and SAT Subject Tests scores, as well as known where to invest my extracurricular time.


    Successful applicant to the Wharton School, U. Penn

  • 我跟 C. 闲聊时,我们都认为他中學时,幫他最多人的包括你,除了SAT的技巧,對读书的技巧對他现在的读书方法有正面影响。我常常叫 C. 回港放假找你饮茶學习作academic person 的经驗.

    Father of C. L.

    Successful applicant to the Johns Hopkins University

  • Thank you for all the great advice and time you have given me. I am now able to make more informed decisions on my university choices. Yet more importantly, the advice you have given extends beyond my choice of university, and into a mindset for the long- term. I shall certainly take your advice into account and implement them for the better. Thank you.


    Successful applicant to the Stanford University

  • CANA coaches have taught me well about time management and effective study methods, walking alongside me and empowering me to achieve “45” IB predicted grade. I was advised and guided to shape my Personal Branding around many aspects of my involvement with chess, which showcased breadth of talents and illustrated commitment to community service. Patiently CANA coached me to compose compelling application essays that align with the unique culture of each target university - authentically and powerfully. Through a working partnership with CANA. I have gained acceptance by Cornell and Northwestern. Thank you CANA.


    Successful applicant to the Cornell University

  • CANA helped me navigate the complex U.S. university admissions process. I was always supported, no matter what unexpected situations arose. My coach helped me dig deep to find my own voice. I was able to produce applications that I am very proud of, and that authentically reflect who I am to colleges.

    Student not willing to disclose his name

    Successful applicant to the Top U.S. University

  • My experience of applying to US universities with Cana had been amazing! Allie and Tim were extremely helpful and supportive in what could have been a stressful process. They work very closely with all their students to provide strategic advice tailored to students’ individual needs, including what universities and majors to apply to, and how to write good applications. I came out of each session with clear objectives in mind and feeling more confident about tackling the different tasks at hand.


    Successful applicant to Duke University

  • Thanks for Cana's help for working through my Uni application. The coaches were so patient and considerate in choosing schools and all the processes.


    Successful applicant to Cardinal Newman

  • Rachel has finally graduated and it marks an important milestone in her development. Darlene and I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for both of your support for Rachel during her university application process. We are not sure if Rachel belongs to the category of typical CanaElite students; your patience, guidance and support made a tremendous difference in her university application journey. Thanks again.

    Father of Rachel

  • Cana provides valuable advice on college selection which helps my daughter to develop an appropriate college list and find a best fit college. We have a better understanding of the U.S. college admission processes. Cana also provides good guidance in selecting essay topics and approaches which allow my daughter to articulate who she is and what matters to her in a genuine and impressive way.

    Mother of E.Ng

    Successful applicant to a top architecture school in the US

  • I’m just writing to let you know and share the joy with you, but more importantly, thank you so much for your guidance throughout the entire process, from SAT to essay writing…you were amazing!



  • I have had lessons in CANA for about three months. I think CANA's teachers are very responsible. The lessons are more interesting than school classes. Teachers are fun but serious. The best thing I have learnt from CANA is how to speak with others in English. Before this, I seldom chatted in English.


    Successful applicant to Canadian International School

  • CANA teachers are very friendly and the lessons are interactive and creative. My English has improved drastically, especially in writing. I have also developed an interest in reading novels. Now, I feel more confident to speak in English!


    Successful applicant to Independant Schools Foundation

  • I think all the teachers at CANA are very good! Very patient and great at teaching. I like the learning environment at CANA. Every time when I walk in CANA, it does not feel like entering a classroom. Instead, it feels like meeting a good friend to chat and listen to stories. What I remember most was going to class for the first time. I saw a foreign teacher and was too scared to meet him. I still remember that vividly. Now I like English more and more, and I am no longer scared of English. I have met many good teachers.

    V. W.

    Successful applicant to Lutheran Academy

  • The teachers are friendly, kind, and patient. I like the learning atmosphere at CANA’s. I have become more confident in learning English, as well as using English to learn other subjects such as Science.

    E. Z.

    Successful applicant to Singapore International School

  • After taking biology lessons at CANA, I was able to familiarise myself with the necessary course materials more effectively, such that I could approach the subject through more in-depth understanding rather than mere memorisation. I have also learnt how to approach various exam-type questions, and I am confident that I can score well in the exams.

    Lucas Ng

    Student of Diocesan Boy's School, HK

  • My Economics teacher has helped me a lot in Economics, I was struggling at the beginning. He guided me, especially when writing an essay


  • The IB was tough and grueling program, but I credit my peers, teachers and the wonderful tutors at Cana for providing a challenging and fulfilling environment for me to learn. Cana tutors are not only knowledgeable in their fields but also approachable; willing and able to answer any questions I had on hand. Overall, I'm really happy with completing the IB and I can definitely say that the feeling of accomplishment after receiving my score made all the hard work worth it.


    Canadian International School, 45/45 in IBDP

  • I found taking tuition at CANA very helpful because I was not able to learn efficiently at school. I would not be motivated to revise on my own, and it was even more effective when I had someone doing papers with me, as my tutor and I were able to identify areas of improvement and strengths. I used to struggle with analysis and it was evident in my grades so I don't think I was very good at English. My struggle was mainly because of my thought process, which was based on concrete ideas, but after taking tuition at CANA I found English to be quite interesting and slightly easier despite still finding it abstract or metaphorical at times. I have also learned to phrase my ideas in a more accurate and analytical way.


    Student of the Island School, HK

  • Thanks to Cana, I've been able to study effectively for my Biology exams. My teacher is very thorough and makes sure I completely understand the content I need to know for my exams.

    Ryan Chan

  • CANA's tutoring lessons has been very helpful. Before, I was struggling at school to understand the complex IB concepts. The tutor’s helped me to understand the concepts easier by simplifying the information. Overall, I would recommend CANA tutoring service to anyone.


    Renaissance College

  • The tuition has provided me with clearer understanding about the syllabus content, allowing me to become confident in the subject.


    Renaissance College

  • Thank you very much for all the support Cana has given to us. Cana had provided all rounded guidance in the application process, and had provided very useful university admission application advice. Cana's tutors are inspiring, kind and patient and encouraging. They are very helpful in brainstorming ideas and incorporating academic interests and aspirations in the essay, and their comments and recommendations are professional and valuable.


    Successful applicant to the University of Cambridge, Economics

  • The resources provided by CANA for both the SAT/ACT exams, as well as Personal Branding through the university essay questions have been nothing short of superb. With this guidance on how to go forward with my extracurriculars and essays, I was able to put forth my true voice and show who I am to the universities I applied to.


    ESF School, Successful applicant to UC Berkeley

  • CANA tuition has been helpful in understanding the concepts that are taught at school and in the IB. Harder practice questions could be used to match with the IB questions. I would recommend to a friend.

    Krister W

    Renaissance College

  • Taking lessons with Mr. Sing guarantees at least a 2 IB points increase in Chemistry. His in-depth knowledge within the subject matter and long experience in teaching various students allow him to adapt to any individual, ensuring they fully understand all misconceptions. It is undoubtedly that his teaching has been an invaluable asset in my IB Chemistry journey, and I am extremely willing to recommend Mr. Sing to my friends and classmates.

    Damon F

    Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School, HK

  • CANA’s 1 on 1 program helped me immensely every step of the way - from choosing my major and universities, to designing and executing extra-curriculars, to helping me work on college essays so that they are authentic and deeply impressive, and to shaping my identity as an outstanding applicant. Throughout the entire application journey, my counsellor was always in my corner and always available for meetings and calls, even while I am at boarding school.


    U.S. boarding school student

  • Sing is a great teacher, he is always able to give me the most suitable helps I needed. While preparing for my mock exams, tutor Sing gave me a lot of relevant exam practices, also explaining questions very clearly, helping me to attain the topic grades. Also, the CANA front desk is also very helpful. I will definitely recommend CANA, especially tutor Sing, to my friends and classmates.


  • CANA has, for the whole of my IB years, provided a steady framework of support and guidance that allowed me to flourish, and all that I have achieved only stands testament to the hard work and dedication of my CANA tutors. Whether it was my subject teachers, who carefully planned their teaching so as to best prepare me for exams, or my university admissions advisors, whose honed expertise and knowledge allowed for my successful application experience, I cannot begin to illustrate the key role CANA has played for the past two years. I would definitely recommend CANA to all current IB students, regardless of their current academic performance and future aspirations. Rest assured that CANA will be able to provide a key pillar of support.

    Jessie Cheuk

    IBDP 45/45, Successful applicant to University of Oxford, Law

  • The tutors here at CANA were immensely helpful during my IB journey. My Chemistry tutors Davis and Wallace are very experienced and knowledgable - they both knew the syllabus and the common question formats like the back of their hands. Whenever I struggled with a complex concept or a challenging past paper question, they would always be immediately available to answer my questions through text (once even at 2 am before the exam). I would greatly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their grades.


  • CANA's tutors constantly pushed and challenged me, not only through regular practice exam questions and drills, but also through focused discussion on different aspects of subject knowledge. As a result, I gained a much deeper understanding of subject material and a clear idea of the demands of the examination. I am very grateful to CANA for its rigorous training, which has enabled me to reach for the top.


    IBDP 45/45

  • Felix helped me stabilise my Biology HL grades from a borderline level 6/7 to a solid 7 towards the end of my IB journey. My confidence grew in utilising CANA's resources and having Felix's support.


    Renaissance College Hong Kong , IBDP 44/45

  • The lessons in CANA have been insightful and comprehensive in improving my analytical and critical thinking skills which are crucial to success in IB English. Before my lessons in CANA, my essay writing skills weren't decent and often lacked coherence. However, with the assistance of my tutor, through learning various techniques and exam strategies, my English grades boosted significantly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my tutor and CANA for the support, helping me to achieve a Level 7 in English after 10 months of hard work!


    DBS, Successful applicant to CUHK Medicine

  • CANA English services have helped me understand a better and easier way to tackle IB English exam. Before taking CANA English tutorial classes, I was slow at elaborating thoughts in English. However, under the guidance of CANA teacher, I am able to speak English fluently and write with rich vocabularies. Ultimately, I am able to achieve a level 7 in IB English with the assistance of CANA tutor.

    To Sau Yat Boaz

    Successful applicant to Imperial College London, Mechanical Engineering

  • CANA’s tuition helps me to strive for my IB examination. They provide a lot of past papers and practical exercises to help students familiarize with the method of examination. CANA tutors assisted me in overcoming the challenges of the different difficult concepts. They patiently explain them more easily with daily examples. I’m thankful for CANA’s tutors who have helped me a lot throughout my IB journey. I will definitely recommend CANA to my friends and classmates.


    HKCCCU Logos Academy, IB score:42/45, Successful applicant to CUHK Quantitative Finance

  • CANA tutors have helped me a lot academically. When I first started the IB I found it very difficult. I had a very hard time believing in myself. However, with persistent encouragement from each tutor, I started to believe that getting through IB was possible. The subjects were still very challenging, but each tutor was very knowledgeable in their respective subjects and was able to address my academic weaknesses. The classes were really enjoyable, and I ended up getting a much higher grade than my predicteds! I would definitely recommend CANA's services to anyone who feels they need some extra academic support.


    Successful applicant to University of Bath

  • I contacted the CANA team for help in constructing my personal statement. The recommended reading was engaging and insightful, and my consultants were extremely skilled in turning my lengthy, drawn-out thoughts into concise statements that enriched my personal statement. I truly have CANA to thank for my successful application to LSE.

    J. F.

    Successful applicant to LSE

  • It was clear there was a radical improvement in my personal statement after revising it with my consultants —both in terms of content and wording. I am grateful for their patience and guidance. Thank you very much!


    Successful applicant to LSE

  • Cana Elite has helped me with all stages of my application to study Law at both UK and HK universities, from deciding on a Cambridge college, giving me advice on my personal statements, to preparing for the LNAT and my interviews. I was initially a bit worried about my applications especially because Law is a new and rather foreign subject for me, however thankfully Cana Elite has helped me find qualified and experienced tutors who helped me gain confidence. Ultimately, I have successfully gained an offer to study Law at my dream university -- the University of Cambridge. Thank you so much, Cana Elite!


    Successful applicant to Law at Cambridge

  • My experience with Cana’s consultants has been overall positive. They manage to provide constructive advice while maintaining a supportive and positive attitude. I think the biggest value added is having the opportunity to practice and get used to the structure and atmosphere of an interview with a third party. One advice I would like to give to new students is to change their mindset and view interviews as a discussion or fascinating puzzle instead. The interviewers are usually not trying to catch you out, but to know you better under mostly standardised conditions. Even if you’re not sure about something, tell the interviewer(s) that you don’t know while explaining what you do know. Deep breaths; this is just the beginning.


    Successful applicant to HKU Medicine, CUHK Medicine, and 3 UK Medical Schools

  • We would like to extend our gratitude to Amanda from Cana Elite who coached Salad for her personal statement. With the guidance of Amanda, Salad is able to express and write her portfolio in a systematic yet concise way. We strongly believe that a well structured and organised personal statement is the key to a successful application to UK universities.

    Salad (nickname)

    Successful applicant to Durham University, Business and Marketing

  • CANA’s consultants were able to provide personalised support for me. They were experienced, highly qualified tutors, who gave me valuable tips in tackling admissions tests and writing my statements. They also helped me develop the skills and confidence required for my interviews. I am very grateful for CANA’s support throughout my application journey. 


    Successful applicant to University of Hong Kong, Medicine

  • My experience with CANA's consultants and tutors was nothing but positive. Whether it was the LNAT, personal statement or interview preparation, they offered comprehensive insights and advice that gave me a lot of direction amidst the otherwise unfamiliar and stressful process. The tutors are also extremely experienced; I am very thankful to have met and learned from such intelligent lawyers and Oxbridge graduates. I appreciate how they challenged me with questions and pre-readings that followed very similarly to the actual interview style, and provided constructive feedback and specific pointers on articulating my thoughts with clarity and better handling challenging questions. The time leading up to the LNAT and interviews, especially, was nerve-wracking, but the sessions made me feel more reassured and prepared. Overall, I am incredibly grateful to have had CANA's guidance and support throughout the entire process!


    Successful applicant to Cambridge University, Law