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UK University Admission Tests

Changes in Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) (2025 Entry)

The BMAT, NSAA, and ENGAA tests will be discontinued starting in 2024 (for applicants applying to start University in 2025).

The NSAA and ENGAA tests will be replaced by a new test, the Engineering and Science Admissions Test (ESAT). Meanwhile, multiple BMAT universities have already confirmed moving to the UCAT test, while others are to be updated. Check the university websites regularly for the latest updates.

Preparing for UK University Admissions assessments

Most Oxbridge / Medicine / Veterinary medicine / Dentistry courses require applicants to take admissions assessments before or during the interview. These admission assessments are an important part of the candidate's application, and you can better prepare for your Oxbridge admission tests by taking one-to-one lessons conducted by our Oxbridge consultants.

Students who are applying to Medicine / Veterinary medicine / Dentistry programmes offered by other UK universities are required to take UCAT. Click on UCAT to find out more.

Students who are applying to Law programmes offered by other UK universities might be required to take the LNAT. Click on LNAT to find out more.

Students who are applying to Imperial College London (such as Engineering and Mathematics programmes), LSE (Economics), or UCL might also be required to take admissions tests.

Listed below are the different types of admissions assessments offered by Oxford and Cambridge:


Test Course
Biomedical Science Admissions Test Biomedical Sciences
CAT Classics and related course
HAT History and related course
LNAT Law (Jurisprudence), Law with Law Studies in Europe
MAT Computer Science, Mathematics, and related courses
MLAT European and Middle Eastern Languages, Modern Languages, etc.
PAT Engineering Science, Materials Science, Physics
Philosophy Test Philosophy and Theology
TSA Economics and Management, Experimental Psychology, History and Economics, Human Sciences, PPE, PPL
UCAT Medicine
Other tasks Fine Art: if shortlisted for interview
Music: if shortlisted for interview


Test Course
UCAT Medicine
ESAT Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine
STEP Mathematics
TMUA Computer Science, Economics

Cambridge At-interview Assessments

For 2025 entry, applicants to the following courses are required to take a written assessment if shortlisted for interview:

Some colleges may require applicants to take a written assessment for:

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