Cana Giving Back

Here at Cana, we are passionate about making positive long term influences in all our students. Every member of our team at Cana is dedicated and passionate towards teaching and guiding all our students to reach their full potentials.

One of our core values is giving back to the community. We want to do more than just give out donations and instead use our skills and resources to help students in our community. We hope to reach out to students who are financially disadvantaged by offering them scholarships and opportunities to develop their talents.

Our vision is to promote educational excellence in all students, not just those from privileged backgrounds and to inspire underprivileged students to maximize their potential and achieve a brighter future. To support our aims, we have introduced various programs over the years to help our community.

Our Social Enterprise Programs

  • Scholarship programs
    Since 2013, we have run the CANA Elite Moriah Scholarship program, with 10 scholarships awarded to P3-P6 students who have great potential but are financially disadvantaged. The aim is that the monetary award will help these students further their educational ambitions.
  • Free summer English programs
    Since 2013, we have worked with students from San Wui Primary school, offering a free English language enhancement course covering topics such as occupations, geography and music with the aim of improving their language skills and fostering an appreciation of the English language.
  • Free private tutoring
    Since 2013, Cana has offered free private tutoring to underprivileged students who exhibit academic potential but may be struggling on particular subjects. Subjects have included English, Economics and Mathematics.
  • Oxbridge enhancement program (new)
    Cana is now offering a new program for select secondary students who have great academic potential but may be disadvantaged in their applications because of a lack of guidance in the application and interview process. The program aims to ease their path to The University of Oxford or The University of Cambridge by offering free consultations on applications as well as guidance on Scholarship Applications from our team of over 40 Alumni from Oxbridge.
  • Mentorship program
    Cana’s latest program aims to match select secondary students with professionals in Hong Kong. The aim is to give students from underprivileged backgrounds a chance to be mentored by a professional who will guide and prepare them for a better future.

Highlight of Mentorship Program 2016

The CANA Vision Mentorship Program 2015/16 came to a successful end with the Closing Ceremony held on 9 July!

During the program, students were provided the opportunity to meet local professionals from different fields, so as to further their knowledge and understanding of the requirements and prospects of different professions, as well as the mentors’ journey to success. The program will continue in the next academic year, with the Opening Ceremony for the next batch of students tentatively scheduled for January 2017.