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GCE (A-Level)


The GCE (A-Level) is a UK qualification awarded to students following the completion of 2 years study during sixth form or college (equivalent to the last two years of high school). It is offered by various examination boards, including Edexcel, AQA, OCR and Cambridge (Cambridge Pre-U). Depending on the school, students may follow different examination boards for different subjects. Every subject offers 1 year of AS study, after which most students continue with 3 to 4 subjects through to the end of the full A-Level course. Students should select A-level subjects based on their personal interests, academic strengths, and the preferences stated by their desired university program. For example, students who intend to do Medicine should include Chemistry and Biology in their subject combination.

The GCE A-Level is widely recognized by top universities, including prominent institutions in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.

How to do well in GCE A-Level

To prepare for the challenging GCE A-Level program, students should focus on improving both their spoken and written English during the early years of high school, in addition to the foundational elements of other disciplines (such as Maths and Science) if they are relevant to their further study.

Most of our students take regular lessons once or twice a week, which are supplemented by intensive courses during Christmas, Easter and summer holidays to boost their grades further. Students who join our university application consultation package will also receive close guidance throughout the whole application process. With our help, students are able to juggle their university applications and school deadlines with ease.

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Chinese Literature Economics Chemistry
English Language Geography Mathematics
English Literature History Physics
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Spanish Psychology

CANA’s GCE A-Level track record

90% of our GCE A-Level students received an A or A*. Our students have been admitted into leading universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia, Cornell, LSE, Princeton, UCL, Durham, Warwick and others.

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