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Our test prep track record is stellar: average improvement in ACT Composite Score is 8 points, with improvement in Science averaging 8 points and Math averaging 10 points./p>

In contrast to other ACT courses offered at other education centers, lessons at CANA are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each individual student, reviewing all topics and placing emphasis on strengthening areas of weaknesses. We provide strategies for point improvement, a timeline for point increments, and regularly scheduled mocks to assess learning progress.

What is the ACT?

Since 2011, the ACT has surpassed the SAT in total test takers and is now the most popular standardized test for college entrance and merit based scholarship in the United States. It is composed of the following sections:

Format Score range Coverage
English 75 MC Questions (45 minutes) 1-36

·   Production of Writing (29–32%)

·   Knowledge of Language (13–19%)

·   Conventions of Standard English (51–56%)

Math 60 MC Questions (60 minutes)

·   Number & Quantity (7–10%)

·   Algebra (12–15%)

·   Functions (12–15%)

·   Geometry (12–15%)

·   Statistics & Probability (8–12%)

·   Essential Skills (40–43%)

·   Modeling (>25%)

Reading 40 MC Questions (35 minutes)

·   Key Ideas and Details (55–60%)

·   Craft and Structure (25–30%)

·   Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (13–18%)

Science 40 MC Questions (35 minutes)

·   Interpretation of Data (45–55%)

·   Scientific Investigation (20–30%)

·   Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results (25–35%)

1 essay prompt (40 minutes) 1-12

Essays are graded according to the following criteria:

·   Ideas and Analysis

·   Development and Support

·   Organization

·   Language Use and Conventions

The ACT composite score is calculated as the average score of the four required sections (English, Math, Reading, and Science) and is not affected by the optional writing score.


All US Universities accept both SAT and ACT and do not prefer one test to the other. Therefore, you should find out which test suits you better by taking diagnostic tests and select the one which gives you a scoring advantage. You can also check out the following table to find out whether SAT or ACT is likely to be a better match for you:

You are likely to do well in SAT if …
  • You prefer to take your time in tests and are good at spotting traps in questions
  • You are used to doing math without a calculator
  • You are good at analyzing texts and writing commentaries
You are likely to do well in ACT if …
  • You work fast and rarely run out of time in tests at school
  • You are good at using a calculator
  • You like science in the context of reading and interpreting tables and charts and deducing correlation between sets of data
  • You are good at interpreting data from charts and tables

Keep in mind that a small list of universities and colleges accept the ACT in lieu of both the SAT and the SAT subject tests. This notably includes Duke University, Rice University, and Tufts University.

When should I take the ACT

Outside of the US, the ACT is offered every year in February, April, June September, October, and December. Taking the ACT more than once (retesting) is recommended, since most students improve their composite score in their second testing.

Taking the SAT more than once (retesting) is also recommended, since most students improved their SAT score in their second testing.

Improve your ACT result at CANA

Our ACT instructors are graduates of the top elite U.S. universities and have attained top scores in standardized tests. They have all been carefully selected by virtue of their communication skills and coaching ability.

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Here at CANA Elite, we truly believe that every student is unique and has the potential to reach their goals with the right guidance. Academic excellence is derived from both passionate teachers and eager students. That is why we provide a unique learning experience tailored to each individual student. Named after the location of the first miracle in the Bible, we hope CANA elite can be the place of miracles for all our students, allowing them to achieve their dreams.