2020 - 2021 Regular Courses Schedule


Curricula offered: IB, IGCSE/GCSE, IBMYP and Primary English/Chinese Programs
Subjects offered: Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Economics, English, Maths, Physics, History, Primary English and Chinese
Early bird discount: Enrol in our 2020 - 2021 Regular courses to enjoy $300 off each course before 20th August 2020
Location: Sheung Wan, Shek Mun and Fo Tan Centres

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*For detailed information such as course schedule or location, please click on the appropriate link in the following table.
Sheung Wan Centre Shek Mun Centre Fo Tan Centre
IB year 1 Courses IB year 1 Courses IB year 1 Courses
IB year 2 Courses IB year 2 Courses IB year 2 Courses
IGCSE year 1 Courses IBMYP and Primary English Programs IGCSE year 1 Courses
IGCSE year 2 Courses Pre IB English program for Y10-Y11 IGCSE year 2 Courses
TOK Regular Course Pre IB Chinese program for Y10-Y11 IBMYP and Primary English/ Chinese Programs
IBMYP and Primary English/Chinese Programs TOK Regular Course
Small class setting with limited availability. Sign up now!

Terms and Conditions

Please see the following as the T&Cs for the discounts of upcoming regular course:

1. Early Bird Discount
  • Students can enjoy the early bird discount for each Regular course of different amounts according to the following table: 

    Early Bird Discounts Available

    Deadline to enjoy early bird discount
    (Paid by cash or cheque or bank transfer)

    Deadline to enjoy early bird discount
    (Online application and payment)

    $300 off each Regular course

    On or before 18:00 20th Aug 2020

    On or before 23:59 20th Aug 020

  • The student cannot enjoy any early bird discount if the students applied the regular course(s) and / or settle the full payment later than 20th August, 2020.
  • The student must join the entire course to enjoy the early bird discount.
  • The early bird discount is non-refundable and cannot be transferred from one student to another in all circumstances.
  • Students need to like CANA’s Facebook page (CANA Elite Education Centre) and send the screenshot photo by email to cana@canaelite.com or directly show to our customer service officers as verification before enjoying this promotion.
  • CANA reserves the right to make final decision and explanation of the details of this promotion.