Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

Why should I take an Advanced Placement (AP) exam

The Advanced Placement program was founded by the College Board – the same U.S. based examination board that administers the SAT. The AP program, designed for secondary school students who wish to undertake studies more rigorous than the secondary school syllabuses, offers more than 30 university-level subject examinations. The syllabus for each subject is framed under the guidance of experienced professors from various universities and is similar in level to an introductory first-year university course.

By taking an AP exam, you will demonstrate university-level academic ability and strengthen the competitiveness of your future university applications, while exploring and affirming your academic interests. Universities in more than 55 countries (including more than 95 universities in the UK, 65 in Canada, 10 in Australia, 4 in China and 2 in HK) recognise AP exam scores in their admission process for credit and/or advanced placement. Moreover, according to the College Board, students who take AP exams get higher grades in university than those with similar grades who did not take AP exams.

How to get a 5 on the AP exam

Although the AP exam structure varies depending on the subject, there are some universal study techniques that students need to acquire in order to attain top scores. First, as part of the process of effective learning, you are urged to take useful notes, then organize and condense them. Second, in addition to practice drills and working on frequently occurring exam questions, you should tackle challenging questions, since they are essential to a mastery of subject knowledge and problem solving proficiency.

At CANA, our tutors will guide you through taking and organizing effective AP study notes to foster optimal learning of key concepts, as well as providing AP test preparation materials from reputable publishers. We will sort past exams by topic to enhance regular practice exam drilling and solidify application of materials in the exam context. All of our instructors have scored 5s on the relevant AP exams or have coached and instructed students who have subsequently attained 5s. As such, we offer first-hand experience on test-taking strategy and problem solving methodology that can be applied to obtain a maximum score.

In addition to teaching, we also provide counsel on which AP subject exams, as well as what combination of AP subjects are most likely to strengthen students’ university application. 

Regular courses for AP are now accepting enrollment at selected CANA centres. The course schedules are available here.


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