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IB Extended Essay

Extended Essay (EE)

The IBDP requires students to complete the TOK assessments and the EE, which students can obtain up to 3 bonus points for their diploma. 

The Extended Essay is a 4000-word essay on a specific subject. Most students choose a subject that they are interested in, and is relevant to the courses they would like to take at university so they can discuss their research experience in their university application essays/personal statement.

How to do well in the Extended Essay (EE)

Regardless of which topics chosen, there are some tips that students shall bear in mind to perform well in the EE:

  • Scope of research question - Set a research question that enables a focused discussion of methodology, theory, analysis and evaluation in 4000 words.
  • Data availability - Most research questions require primary data e.g. lab experiment, interviews etc. Students should consider whether primary data can realistically be collected before confirming the topic and research question.
  • Insights - After students have collected the data, students should focus on drawing insights from the data to answer the research question instead of focusing on describing the data.

How CANA coach students to do well in their EE

At CANA, we discuss with the you the suitability of the research question based on the word count constraint, data availability as well as potential insights that can be drawn. In addition, we discuss whether your methodology is effective e.g. whether the questions in the survey help collect relevant data. After data has been collected, we discuss the analysis to map out the possible insights that could be used to answer the research question. Given that each student has a different research question, the EE lessons are tailored to the specific needs of the students. 

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The IB was tough and grueling program, but I credit my peers, teachers and the wonderful tutors at Cana for providing a challenging and fulfilling environment for me to learn. Cana tutors are not only knowledgeable in their fields but also approachable; willing and able to answer any questions I had on hand. Overall, I'm really happy with completing the IB and I can definitely say that the feeling of accomplishment after receiving my score made all the hard work worth it.

Eunice Canadian International School, 45/45 in IBDP