Mastering Literature Program

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Cana English delivers fun, thematic learning designed to help kids communicate confidently in English. Our mission is to empower students with the tools and skills they need to reach native-level fluency.

Course Overview

In our Mastering Literature Program, students put their foundational English education to the test, and push themselves to gain a greater understanding of English literature in a variety of forms.

Students will read and analyse poems, prose, extracts from plays and novels, and informative texts, as well as gaining a greater understanding of written English through creative writing and grammar exercises.

Each 9-lesson block will focus on a specific aspect of English literature. This begins with the examination of the key components of a story, and moves into the analysis of unique features to be found within selected prose and poem, as well as literature that shares common thematic threads. Students will also analyse informative and literary texts that examine the world around us and that deal with important issues facing humankind in the modern era, such as global climate change, women’s rights, and refugee rights.

Students will complete written tasks each week, and are encouraged to share and discuss their ideas, thoughts, and feelings in each lesson.

Upon completion of each block of 9 lessons, parents will receive written comments detailing their son or daughter’s performance in the course.

The course schedule is available here.

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