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MYP Mathematics Program

MYP Mathematics Program

This heavily sought after course takes students through a comprehensive and in-depth program of MYP’s Maths assessment rubric criteria. Students will become proficient in criteria-specific problem solving, laying a solid foundation for the tasks of Internal Assessments and Extended Essay during the subsequent Diploma Program years.

Learning Objectives

Mastery of Mathematical knowledge and theory - using mathematics to solve problems in various contexts and situations.

Competence in pattern analysis - employing problem-solving techniques to recognize, describe, and verify mathematical relationships and general rules of patterns.

Effective communication in Mathematics - Appropriate use of mathematical language (notations, symbols, terminology), forms of representation (formulae, diagrams, tables, charts, graphs and models), and tools such as calculators and software.

Ability to assess results - Analyze results with respect to applicability and importance in real life, degree of accuracy, and possible improvements.

IB readiness and confidence - fully prepared to take on Diploma Program Mathematics.


  • Comprehensive drill exercises on criteria A, B, C, D
  • Lesson contents are fine tuned to address students’ areas of weakness
  • Lessons are formatted around problem-solving
  • Students participate in working out solutions to problems
  • Experienced and caring teachers

A typical lesson begins with a recap exercise, covering topics already taught at school as well as previous learning objectives. Then interactively the teacher and students work on case studies related to criteria B,C, D - solving real-life problems using theory, knowledge, pattern recognition, or problem solving strategies. With the teacher’s meticulous coaching, students will have ample exercises in not only how problems can be communicated cogently but also assessing the applicability, accuracy, and limitations of the results.


1. Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
2. Angle Measurement, Types, and Construction
3. Properties of Polygons
4. Units of Measurement, Conversions
5. Shapes - Perimeter and Area
6. Volume and Capacity
7. Understanding Patterns Using Formula
8. Expressions and Equations
9. Problem Solving Techniques
10. *Directed numbers
11. *Coordinates
12. *Divisibility Tests
13. *HCF, LCM
14. *Ratio / Proportions

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