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GCE Biology

Should I study GCE A-Level Biology

GCE A-level Biology, offered at AS (one year syllabus) or AL (two years’ syllabus), focuses mainly on the study of living organisms in various fields (Molecular, cellular, physiological, behavioral and ecological). If you would like to further your studies in medical, biochemical or biomedical related disciplines at university, it is highly recommended that you study AL Biology.

In addition, by taking Chemistry together with Biology, you will benefit from the broad overlap that takes place across the two disciplines. A number of topics in Biology are closely related to the Chemistry GCE A-Level syllabus, such as the study of biological molecules.

How to get A/A* in GCE A-Level Biology

There is a common misconception relating to how one succeeds at GCE A-Level Biology. Many students believe that they can achieve a good, solid grade simply by memorizing all of the Biological concepts. However, a greater development of analytical skills used when interpreting tabulated/graphical information relating to unfamiliar scientific investigations is required to access the highest marks. You must also be able to explain biological mechanisms, their purposes and effects, in an extended response style with clarity and confidence.

In CANA’s GCE A-Level Biology lessons and courses, we introduce the fundamental concepts and focus on highlighting main points frequently tested by examiners, as well as skills to boost competency in analyzing the tables and graphs present in data-based questions. Exercises in line with syllabus topics will be provided to demonstrate how to deal with different types of questions, in addition to exam drilling and tips to assist self-study.


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