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GCE Chemistry

Should I study GCE A-Level Chemistry

GCE A-level Chemistry, offered at AS (one year syllabus) or AL (two years’ syllabus), is the study of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. It is 100% externally assessed and includes no coursework elements. Students who study at AL level will complete a teacher-assessed practical, based on core practical activities, that is reported separately with their AL score.

If students would like to further their studies in Medical, Biochemical, Pharmacy or Chemical Engineering related disciplines at university, it is highly recommended that they take GCE A-Level Chemistry.

How to get A/A* in GCE A-Level Chemistry

GCE Chemistry exam structure varies between different examination boards, but there are some general exam techniques that students should acquire in order to do well. Most students find it difficult to memorize chemistry concepts. To do so successfully, the students must understand the concepts. Simple memorization will not do. Students should be able to understand and explain the structure of each concept which will aid in their ability to memorize these key concepts. For organic chemistry, it is recommended that students study using an organic mind map instead of learning each concept separately (these being reaction conditions, type of reactions as well as reaction mechanism), as all of them are linked together.

In CANA, we provide organized notes to introduce solid concepts, and focus on exam skills to tackle frequently asked questions. In addition, we pinpoint students’ common mistakes so as to avoid these mistakes in the future. Exercises sorted by topics, definitions required for each syllabus as well as past papers will be provided so that students can come to understand the concepts thoroughly through exam paper drilling and completing similarly related questions.

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