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GCE Chinese

What is GCE A-Level Chinese

GCE A-level Chinese assesses students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, especially comprehension, translation and logical thinking. In the current syllabus, the test paper includes three units. Unit 1 assesses spoken expression and reading comprehension. Unit 2 assesses listening and written response. Unit 3 assesses translation and information gathering. In the new syllabus (first examination 2019), the contents of the paper will be: Unit 1 assesses listening, reading and translation (translate Chinese into English). Unit 2 assesses translation (translate English into Chinese) and data collection writing. Unit 3 assesses speaking.

How to get A/A* in GCE A-Level Chinese

Data collection writing is challenging for most students, especially in choosing the suitable topic, searching the corresponding information, and connecting sentences and paragraphs in a coherent manner. Besides, many students might find it hard to translate passages in an accurate, idiomatic manner and accordant with the word order of the original text. Furthermore, this part requires a wealth of vocabulary and cultural understanding, thus making it especially difficult for those who are learning Chinese as a second language.

At CANA, our tutors work with you on choosing the suitable topic for research writing and analysing the requirements of different types of writing. Also, you will be familiarized with commonly used words and sentences with examples and practice on past exam questions sorted by topic. This will effectively help you practice and acquire exam techniques for top grades.


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