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GCE English


The GCE, or ‘A level’ in English is a UK centric qualification is equivalent to the pre-university level study of English. Offered by all major UK exam boards, the two year courses offered include the sole study of either English Language or English literature, or a combined course on both.[1]

While students must complete two years of study to be awarded the A level, they can also study the subject in AS Level which takes one year of study only. However, the results in AS Level exams are not counted as part of A Level, and entry requirements to UK universities largely comprise of A Level results instead of AS Level results.


Content & Assessment

The aims of the Language courses include studying language as used by different speakers (i.e. children), business and industry (ie media), and time periods (studying texts from those points in time). It is intended to explore the diversity of the language, allowing for quite broad and open study, while also examining some of the mechanics and particular constructional elements of English, allowing students to investigate from a more technical angle. Students also need to show their own skills through the production of different writing types.

The Literature course requires an in-depth study of varying influential works in the English language. These would include the study of texts such as Shakespeare, but also those of his predecessors and contemporaries, like Chaucer and Marlowe. Students are examined on prose, poetry and drama, and will also complete a critical study of their own.


How to Get A/A* in GCE A-Level English

Teachers at CANA work students through the in-depth studies, shadowing and deepening their exploration of text types in language and literature to bring about self-discovery of deeper issues.

We put the technical details associated with language into clearly explained material to ensure that your knowledge of the fundamentals is secure, before expanding and improving your appreciation of the more complex ideas in literature.

[1] Some combined courses are being phased out in favor of study specific to either Literature or Language


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