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GCE Mathematics

What is GCE A-Level Mathematics

There are three levels in GCE A-Level Maths: Maths, Further Maths and Further Maths Additional. Regardless of exam boards, students need to take the core modules which involve algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Students also need to choose some applied modules, ranging from statistics and probability, to mechanics. Most students study Maths, while students who aspire to study Maths, Engineering, Physics or Economics at degree level take Further Maths and, very occasionally, Further Maths Additional.

How to get A/A* in GCE A-Level Mathematics

One advantage of taking GCE A-Level Maths is that the textbooks and exam questions are set by the individual exam boards, resulting in greater uniformity between their respective teaching objectives and their exam style. This makes preparing for the GCE A-level Maths exam markedly easier than that for IBDP. Most students struggle in overcoming the significant increment in difficulty between Core 1/2 and Core 3/4 for the trigonometry and calculus units.

At CANA, our tutors pinpoint the reasons behind mistakes and teach ‘targeting skills’ to avoid those mistakes occurring again in the future. Detailed examples are used alongside past paper questions, which are sorted into topics which shadow and support the syllabus of study. This effectively helps you practice and apply exam techniques to achieve top grades in tests, mocks and the final exams.

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